Extension Deadline Fast Approaching!

Extensions due October 15, 2020!

If you have placed your 2019 Federal and State Tax Returns on Extension with our office, you need to be aware that the deadline to file is fast approaching. We must e-file these returns by midnight on October 15th, 2020, or have them post-marked by 5:00 pm on the 15th at the local post office. Please keep in mind that we have many people who have placed their returns on extension, so we will need sufficient time to complete these returns – because of this, we need you to provide to us any information we may have requested as soon as possible. If you have not brought us your information, please do so as soon as you are able, so that we can complete your returns in a timely manner. Returns will, of course, be processed in the order in which they are received by our office.

We are sending out letters this week to remind our clients of the upcoming deadline, if we have been made aware of our clients’ returns being on extension. If you put your own returns on extension, we are not aware they are on extension, so you need to get this information to us as soon as you can! I cannot stress enough that we will be hard pressed to complete the number of returns we are aware of…additional returns will further stretch our ability to complete everything in time, so the sooner you can get them to us, the better we are able to allot our time to complete everything in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions about this process or about what information you need to provide to us, please call us at 704-933-1040. We will do everything that we can to assist you with the process.